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Kentucky Opiate Rehab Facilities

Kentucky is like the rest of the United States in the sense that it has also been affected negatively and adversely by various substances of abuse. For this reason, there are tens of thousands of its residents who need rehabilitation and addiction treatment services.

Addiction in Kentucky

The drug epidemic that has been plaguing America has also been felt in the state of Kentucky. In particular, many of its residents struggle with substance abuse and addiction involving drugs like fentanyl and heroin. This is one of the leading addiction crises in the state and it has deeply concerned law enforcement and government officials.

Additionally, the rates of methamphetamine abuse and addiction has also been increasing among its residents. Every year, police and law enforcement officials charge thousands of these people in the state in drug busts.

Other figures report that the state loses more than 1,000 lives each year to a substance abuse problem. In particular, Jefferson County - where Louisville and several other cities are based - report the highest rates of drug related overdose deaths in Kentucky.

Opioid Abuse in Kentucky

However, no class of drugs claims as many lives in the state as opioids does. Among these drugs, fentanyl and heroin are the most commonly abused in Kentucky. In Louisville alone, for instance, it has been reported that there are 43 deaths for every segment of 100,000 residents. This is double the rates reported at the national level.

Most of the residents of Kentucky who abuse opioids and end up struggling with an opioid use disorder often start out taking prescription pain relief medications after a doctor has recommended them to do so. Examples of these medications include hydrocodone and oxycodone.

Although they are effective at producing pain relief, they also carry a high risk of abuse and addiction. Even while carefully following the instructions that your doctor gave when they wrote a prescription for these medications, you might find that you are dependent on them and tolerant to their effects.

Later on, you may make the transition to other opioids - particularly those that are more widely accessible and available as well as cheaper than these prescription drugs. Examples include fentanyl and heroin.

In Kentucky, the price of heroin is around $10 for a bag. The drug is also widely available on the streets of its major towns as well as in the rural areas of the state. This is why it is ranked as the most commonly sought after drug among people who are already addicted to prescription opioid pain relief medications. Fentanyl, on the other hand, is also highly sought after. This is despite the fact that it is far more potent than just about all other opioids.

Addiction Treatment in Kentucky

Irrespective of the drug that you have been abusing in this state, it is possible to achieve a state of long term sobriety, abstinence, and recovery. There are several high quality and accredited addiction treatment and rehabilitation facilities in Kentucky and they can get you on the road to health and wellness.

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