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Short Term Drug Rehabs

Although long term addiction treatment is often recommended for many cases of substance abuse and addiction, there are certain situations in which you might benefit from short-term drug rehabs.

About Short-Term Drug Rehabs

A short-term drug rehab center is one that will offer you recovery and treatment services to help you overcome your substance abuse and addiction as well as manage any other co-occurring medical and mental health disorders during a short period of time.

This form of treatment can provide a number of benefits. For instance, you will be able to focus more intensely on the recovery process while enrolled in a residential recovery center.

In the same way, short-term drug rehabs will typically cost you much less than you would pay at other types of addiction treatment and recovery facilities and programs - due to the short duration of treatment.

Additionally, these rehab options will consume less of your time than if you had chosen a long term recovery center or program. This is because they are often provided for around 30 days. This might be useful if you cannot spend more than this period of time enrolled in a residential treatment center.

As a result of the above benefit, you can rest assured that short term treatment programs tend to be less disruptive to your day to day life in comparison to programs that will require long term absence on your part.

The other benefit is that these programs will typically give you a new opportunity to get started on the long term recovery process. This is particularly so in comparison with an outpatient recovery program that offers less momentum.

Step to Continuum of Care

Finally, short-term drug rehabs can provide you with the readiness and preparedness you need before deciding to enroll in another form of addiction treatment program, such as an outpatient center or a long term residential addiction rehabilitation facility.

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