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Drug And Alcohol Detox

If you have been struggling with a substance use disorder and decide that the time has come for you to achieve a lifestyle of recovery and wellness, you will first have to go through a drug and alcohol detox process.

About Drug and Alcohol Detox

Also known as detoxification, drug and alcohol detox refers to a medical process through which all toxins that you have been abusing will be removed from your body. It also refers to the time period during which you will allow your body to metabolize and process all substances of abuse that you have been taking so that they go out of your system and their toxic influence is cleared.

The interventions that are provided in the course of this process will be designed to comfortably and safely clear your body of the substances that you were abusing. Further, they will manage the withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings that arise during this process. Finally, you will be encouraged to seek other ongoing addiction treatment and rehabilitation services in a continuum of care.

Medically Supervised Detox

The best form of addiction treatment for withdrawal symptoms and physical dependence involves medically assisted detox. This form of treatment will be provided by highly qualified and licensed mental health and medical professionals.

During recovery, you will be observed around the clock to increase your comfort and safety levels as well as manage any painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings that arise.

Medically supervised detox might also involve the use of certain medications. These drugs would be prescribed to help ease the recovery process as well as ensure that you do not suffer too much from substance cravings.

Getting Help

In case you were addicted to any substances of abuse that cause adverse withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, it would be in your best interests to seek drug and alcohol detox services - preferably at a center that offers medically supervised and managed detox services.

Drug And Alcohol Detox by State

We can help you find the right treatment facility that best fits your overall needs and financial requirements.

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