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Private Insurance

While seeking help for a substance use disorder, you might want to consider using private insurance as a form of payment. The ACA - the Affordable Care Act - now requires private insurance companies to offer coverage for the treatment of substance abuse and addiction.

The ACA has also expanded the treatment options and funds that are now available to people who need coverage for this type of treatment. Even so, the requirements and costs for coverage will typically be different from those offered in the insurance marketplace.

Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Why seeking help for a substance use disorder and other co-occurring medical and mental health disorders and you wish to pay for the services that you are going to receive using private insurance, the following are some of the services that will be covered:

  • Addiction evaluation
  • Addiction treatment medication
  • Alcohol and drug testing
  • Anti-craving medication
  • Brief intervention
  • Clinic visits
  • Family counseling
  • Home health visits

In the same way, you can use your private insurance to offset the cost of any medically supervised detoxification services that you might receive to help manage your withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings.

The goal of this type of insurance is to reduce the costs of your addiction treatment and rehabilitation services. Further, it can also increase the recovery options that are available to you.

In the same way, insurance will extend a number of benefits to you - including the benefits that come with insurance plans provided by your employer as well as those that are available on your individual insurance plan.

Overall, using private insurance to offset the cost of substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation services can go a long way in ensuring that you are able to focus on your long term recovery without having to worry about how much your treatment is going to cost.

Private Insurance by State

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