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New Hampshire Opiate Rehab Facilities

New Hampshire is ranked among the most beautiful American states. Although it offers great opportunities for a wonderful lifestyle for residents and visitors alike, the state is also ranked in the 2nd position for the worst death rates arising from a drug overdose involving opioid medications. It only comes second behind West Virginia.

Addiction in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has the highest rate of death from an overdose involving fentanyl. This is not exactly surprising considering that doctor's prescription opioid pain relief medications in high numbers. This is specifically true for extended-release and high dose opioids and opiates. Many of them also over-rely on these medications for the management of pain symptoms.

Many of the people who are addicted to these prescription medications eventually start abusing fentanyl and heroin. This is because these two drugs are easier to transport, cheaper, and more widely available across the state.

The lack of many economic opportunities and its small-town and rural nature also makes New Hampshire prone to substance abuse and addiction. This is due to the fact that many of its residents struggle with depression and despair - which causes some of them to turn to opioids to escape from this reality.

Further, the state has a low spending rate on addiction prevention and treatment programs. In fact, it is the 2nd lowest in terms of spending for these programs across the United States.

In 2015, the state saw an increase in the rates of opioid abuse and addiction. This was after its streets started getting flooded with drugs such as heroin - which ended up taking a huge toll on local resources.

Opioid Abuse in New Hampshire

In Manchester alone, ambulances responded to a total of 877 cases of suspected overdoses involving opioid drugs in 2017. Many families have now started feeling the negative effects of the opioid epidemic.

Two years before in 2015, a total of 444 overdose deaths were reported in the state. By 2019, this number shot down to 284 fatalities. Luckily, these numbers continue reducing thanks to opioid overdose reversal medications like Narcan.

However, the problem might not disappear soon. This is due to the fact that most of the patients who are released from emergency rooms across the state after suffering an opioid related overdose do not get any recovery plans or treatment medications to reduce their risk of continuing to abuse this class of drugs. As a result, a great number of them end up suffering an overdose later on.

The state has also witnessed an increase in the total number of people who are admitted in its hospital and treatment facilities for abusing opioids using dirty needles - which often lead to stomach and heart infections. This is surprising especially considering the fact that New Hampshire has needle exchange programs in place.

Addiction Treatment in New Hampshire

Whether you are addicted to opioid prescription pain relief medications or you have been abusing alcohol or any other intoxicating substances, you should consider enrolling in one of the high quality addiction treatment and rehabilitation facilities in New Hampshire so that you can get help for this problem.

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