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Pennsylvania was among the 13 colonies that originally formed the United States. It boasts a rich tradition and cultural history as well as the expansive Appalachian Mountains. Further, the state has vast expanses of rural areas and urban manufacturing industries. However, it also struggles with a growing substance abuse and addiction crisis.

In particular, about 25 percent of all the families in the state have at least one person living with this disorder. By 2018, the state was also ranked in the 10th position across the United States for the rates of substance abuse and addiction.

Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania

Marijuana and cocaine are the most common substances of abuse in the state of Pennsylvania. These drugs often alternate between the 1st and the 2nd position in terms of the most popular drugs among the residents of this state.

Although there has been a decline in the abuse of other drugs, marijuana and cocaine continue holding their position especially among people who are enrolled into an addiction treatment facility or problem.

Other figures report that the state is in the 14th position across the United States for the rate of death linked to a drug overdose. Further, it is in the 1st place in the country in terms of the overdose fatalities among young men between the ages of 19 and 25.

Many of these deaths are caused by some of the frequently abused substances in the state. These drugs include but are not limited to phencyclidine (or PCP), methamphetamine, morphine, heroin, alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana.

That said, drug problems are varied from one region and city to the next in Pennsylvania. For instance, the city of Philadelphia mostly acts as the hub of most of the substance related activities both for the state and the larger Mid-Atlantic region. In fact, more illicit drugs are distributed and transported through this city than in the rest of the state combined.

This is not surprising considering that drug trafficking organizations mostly deal in drugs like heroin, marijuana, and cocaine - which they bring in through the Port of Philadelphia and Interstate 95.

The cities of Eerie, Reading, and Pittsburgh have also witnessed an increase in the numbers of drug abuse and addiction among its residents, particularly involving heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

Opioid Abuse in Pennsylvania

The rate of overdose death linked to opioid drugs in Pennsylvania was close to 40 percent higher than that reported at the national level in 2016. That year alone, fentanyl and its analogues were responsible for 52 parent of all these fatalities.

On the other hand, heroin was responsible for 45 percent of the total number of drug overdose deaths linked to drugs in the state while prescription opioid and opiate pain relief medications took up 25 percent of all the drug overdose deaths.

Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania

Irrespective of the type of substance use disorder that you have been diagnosed with, it is possible to achieve a state of health, recovery, and long term wellness. This possibility exists thanks to the high quality addiction treatment provided by accredited and licensed recovery facilities in Pennsylvania.

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