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Tennessee Opiate Rehab Facilities

Tennessee boasts a number of attractive cities - including Memphis and Nashville. It is also known as the place where country music was born, and many country musicians hail from the state.

However, it has also witnessed a growing problem involving alcohol and drugs. This issue is at rates that are somewhat similar to what is being seen across the rest of the United States.

Addiction in Tennessee

Health care providers and law enforcement agencies have been improving their efforts in curbing the addiction and substance abuse epidemic that continues to persist among the residents of Tennessee. However, many of these people still struggle with substance abuse and addiction - especially involving prescription medications, hard drugs like cocaine, and legal substances such as alcohol.

This is not exactly surprising especially considering that there is a wide availability of a number of intoxicating substances, including but not limited to heroin and prescription pain relief medications.

For this reason, the state was ranked among the top 5 American states with respect to the rates of substance abuse and addiction. In 2010, for instance, more than 11,700 of its residents enrolled in an addiction treatment program. Of this number, 33 percent were women or female clients while the remaining 67 percent were men or male clients.

The NSDUH - the National Survey on Drug Use and Health - for 2010 also reported that the metro statistical area that included the counties and cities of Franklin, Murfreesboro, Davidson, and Nashville had the worst rates of substance abuse in Tennessee.

Alcohol Abuse in Tennessee

Although the state has seen a rise in the number of people who are addicted to opioids and opioids, statistics involving alcohol abuse and addiction remain stable. This makes alcohol the most common substance of abuse in the state.

In fact, over 60 percent of all admissions into an addiction treatment and rehabilitation program or center in Tennessee is for an alcohol use disorder or alcoholism - addiction involving alcohol.

In 2016, about 1 out of every 20 residents of the state reported that they were either dependent on or abusing alcohol. The same year, law enforcement officials made over 270,000 arrests involving DUI offenses, where the driver was driving while drunk or under the influence of alcohol.

Opioid Abuse in Tennessee

From 2007 to 2008, Tennessee was the top American state with respect to the total number of citizens above the age of 26 years abusing prescription opioid medications. Two years later in 2010, more than 3,300 people enrolled into an addiction treatment program for abusing prescription opioids. Of this number, 42 percent were female while 58 percent were male.

Other figures report that more than 70 percent of those who abuse this class of prescription drugs often tend to get their supplies from family members and friends while another 4 percent purchase the drugs from dealers.

Addiction Treatment in Tennessee

If you have been abusing any drug or alcohol, you need to check into one of the licensed addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers that Tennessee has to offer so that you can get started on the road to long term recovery.

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